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claim! [10 Sep 2009|08:37pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I claim AoixRuki (GazettE)
JinxYuuto (SCREW)
Mana(MDM/MM)xHIZAKI (HGP/Versailles)

please tell me if I cannot claim these pairings >_>

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[15 Aug 2009|07:59pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I claim Aoi(GazettE)xRuki(GazettE) and Reita(GazettE)xUruha(GazettE)
If not please inform me so that I can find another pairing~

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[09 Aug 2009|12:20am]

Has anyone claimed Yu~ki and Kozi from Malice mizer? If not I would like to.
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shamless advertising [08 Aug 2009|05:35pm]

Hidden away in the Hakone mountain area west of Tokyo, several leading scientist conducted secret experiments which combined mostly domestic animal and human DNA together to see if the evolutionary gene could mutate between the species and to advance stem cell research.
Their experiments didn’t last however, as a mixture of activists and queries into the moral issues these inhumane scientific studies ignited, forced the government to cease funding the research, which inevitably led to the laboratory shutting down. During the dismissals of the scientists the highly unstable chemical then transferred into the lake which contaminated the water supply with this DNA compound. This didn’t show signs of effect to the surrounding towns till several months later a woman gave birth to a girl with a full length canine tail with matching ears.
This was just the beginning of a new breed of human. As the years progressed many children began to be born with features of household animals, some more obvious than others and as the epidemic spread occasionally more exotic animal attributes would arise in the new born.

The year now is 2047, more information has come about about it was clear that the gene was dormant in some born from the chimera (a mixture of two or more species in one body) and this was fortunate for those few, as there was a growing increase in social rejection and discrimination towards the chimeras.
Now the only way for them to survive is by living in secret and hiding their true identity, otherwise the chimera’s are captured by a large underground network of hunters where they are bought and sold for entertainment purposes, or made to work in backroom clubs that catered for the members of human society that wished to indulge themselves in the company of the hybrids.

unlacedx Claim list RULES
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[17 Apr 2009|12:37am]

[ mood | chipper ]

I claim Aiji and Maya, from LM.C!!! I didn't see them on the list so, I has them now 8DDD

(I'm surprised nobody's claimed them already...)

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claim! [15 Mar 2009|06:24pm]

Wondering if i can clame more then one parin at a time? If yes then here is my list!

UruhaxAoi (GazettE)
Uruha (GazettE)x Shinya (Dire en Grey)
Uruha (GazettE)x Sakito (Nightmare)
Kai (GazettE) x Miyavi (Due le Quartz)
Gackt x You (GacktJOB)
Gackt (GacktJOB) x Kami (Malice Mizer)
Gackt (GacktJOB) x Hyde (l'Arc-en-ciel)
Chachamaru x You (GacktJOB)
Chachamaru (GacktJOB) x Yoshiki (X Japan)
Yoshiki X Hide (X Japan)
Jun x Iori (Phantasmagoria)
Kisaki x Riku (Phantasmagoria)

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[15 Mar 2009|08:58am]

[ mood | =^_^= ]

Can I claim KaixUruha(the GazettE)?

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Delete if not alowed [18 Jan 2009|08:29pm]


Welcome to x-Akujunkan a Japanese artist, AU role-play based on mental disorders for serious role-players. All role-play will take place inside of the community through comments. You may have the option of RPing through AIM, with the exception that ALL logs are posted. The setting for this RP is a mental institution located in Tokyo, Japan.
Theres still plenty to be claimed so...

Enter the Asylum... if you dare
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[14 Jan 2009|11:48pm]

i'm claiming my OTP, Kyo[dir en grey]xRuki[the gazette]

i didn't see it on the claim list.

spread the kyoki love:
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[24 Aug 2008|12:12am]

 i soo claim MikuXKasumi (AnCafe and SMILE)
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[12 Jul 2008|05:53pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I claim lynch. hazuki and sadie Mizuki as well as Mizuki and Mao from sadie. if they are taken let me know so i can find another pairing. ^^

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yaoi claim [12 Jul 2008|09:32pm]

Can I claim Tora (alice nine) x Aoi (the gazette) ? 
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i clam......... [04 Jun 2008|01:18pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

i calm Kyo X Kaoru (dir en grey) *spins in circles*

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[03 Jun 2008|10:56pm]

I don't know if this is allowed or not, please let me know if it's not.
I'd like to claim
Kyo (Dir en grey) x Mao (Sadie)
I didn't see anything about interbandom, but if it's not allowed, I can pick something else.
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[14 May 2008|10:09pm]

[ mood | *purrs* ]

I claim MayaxAiji from the band LM.C and all the "one-sided" sex that comes with it~<3

Thank you. ^_^

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:D [01 Apr 2008|10:21pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I'd like to claim Miyavi/Maya(LM.C) :]

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[17 Feb 2008|06:23pm]

[ mood | calm ]

Hey! I'd like to claim the couple of JunXAiji of the old band Pierrot! ♥

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[21 Oct 2007|06:09pm]
Hi there ^_^

I'd like to claim Aiji x Maya (LM.C) if they haven't already been taken

Thanksies <3
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[17 Oct 2007|03:51pm]

Hey!!!^^ *waves*

I'd like to claim AoixReita (both Gazette) and SagaxTora (both Alice Nine) ^__^
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[24 Mar 2007|01:19am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Hi!!!!!!!!! Im new here ^___^ well, im a Jrock fan!! And my fanfic CLAIMS are: -HisashiXjiro (from glay I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!) * have a sweet community of hisaxjiro ^__^ made by mitsuki_hide
HisashixJiro Community

Made by hisaxjiro and my fav pairing: Toshixyoshiki (from XJAPAN)

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